Who Pays After An Auto Accident?

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Generally, most injury lawyers will only take a case to trial if it looks like their client will be able to recover monetary damages for their losses. Many times the Defendant’s lawyer, i.e., the Insurance Company’s lawyer, will try to convince the jury that the Defendant just can’t afford to pay for the damage they […]

Hit by Uninsured Texas Driver? Do this…

With more than 12% of US drivers with no auto insurance, there is a decent chance that you could be involved in a car accident with an uninsured driver. Our law firm handles auto accident injury cases in Texas. Call (832) 463-1003 for a free consultation. What to Do When Hit by an Uninsured Motorist […]

Aggressive Tractor-Trailer Drivers

Many of us have encountered road rage. It can be very dangerous for the average vehicle. However, when tractor-trailer drivers drive with road rage, the consequences can be catastrophic and deadly. Road rage and aggressive driving is often indicated by irradic lane changes, vulgar yelling and hand gestures, tailgating, extreme braking or acceleration, obstructing traffic, […]

Improper Screening of 18 Wheeler Commercial Drivers

Transport and trucking businesses have a duty to employ only competent and capable truck drivers. The well-being and security of our transportation system depends on these companies living up to that duty. Negligent hiring and screening processes can lead to them putting dangerous drivers behind the wheel of a 40 ton vehicle…a virtual death machine. […]

DWI & Tractor Trailer Accidents

Substance and alcohol misuse and dependence represent a prevalent issue in the transport and trucking sector. Misuse of drugs, including stimulants like crystal and speed methamphetamines, is a standard security concern in the transport sector. Texas Truck Accident Lawyer Improper Screening of 18 Wheeler Drivers State and national laws impose duty on trucking companies to […]

Distracted Driving and 18 Wheeler Accidents

Truck drivers who are distracted by playing with their cell phone can present a serious security hazard on Houston’s roads and highways. Serious injuries due to texting have skyrocketed with the ubiquitous nature of hand-held electronic devices like smartphones and mobile phones. EVERY DRIVER SEEMS TO BE LOOKING INTO THEIR CELL PHONE THESE DAYS! Commercial […]

Defective 18 Wheeler Design Leads to Injury

The businesses that make billions in the production and sale of auto parts and vehicle related products owe all of us a duty to place safe and effective products on America’s roads. Sadly, as a result of greed or neglect, tons of faulty products make it onto the roadways in Texas – often with terrible […]