Injured in a Traffic Accident?

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If you have been injured in a traffic accident, call Attorney Rasheed Taylor. We fight to ensure that you and your family will be taken care of after a serious traffic accident injury.

Our lawyers can help you recover any monetary damages that you may be owed by the insurance companies or negligent drivers.

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Dustin S. | Local Guide・17 reviews・5 photos
My nephew was in a car accident and I referred him to Rasheed Taylor, so I’m am going to update this with another review. About 4 months ago my nephew was rear ended by a drunk driver while he was waiting at a stoplight. This was near the Montgomery County / Conroe area. My nephew’s car was totaled. My brother in law asked me to refer him to the best car accident lawyer in Houston, so I recommended Rasheed because I had worked with him personally on many occasions and can vouch for his level of expertise. The case took about 2-3 months to work its way through the court system, but about that time my brother in law called me to let me know that Rasheed took care of everything, they got a huge financial award to help with medical bills and replace the totaled car. I will continue to recommend Attorney Rasheed Taylor to friends and family.
TIFFANY H. | 26 reviews
Mr. Taylor’s an excellent attorney and did a great job handling my case. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who’s been hurt in a car or truck accident. He really cares about his clients. Thanks again!
Malcolm M. | Local Guide・53 reviews・10 photos
I have just been recently professionally acquainted with Mr. Taylor. He is an excellent lawyer with integrity and tenacity. I would not hesitate to recommend clients, any acquaintances, family and friends who have any personal injury, DUIs, or criminal issues. Mr. Taylor is experienced, professional and personable. He comes highly recommend by several professionals!

Auto Accident Injury?

Houston has some of the busiest freeways in the United States. Interstate 10 has some of the worst auto accident statistics in the nation. I-10 and I-45 are major national transport arteries running through the heart of Houston.

Multiple thousands of drivers, including commercial trucks and 18-wheelers, travel these routes on a daily basis. Unfortunately, negligent drivers pose a number of threats while on the road, and we have seen many clients suffer life-threatening injury, and even death, because of the negligent, wreckless, or even criminal actions by certain vehicle operators.

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Who is responsible for your injuries?

There are many potential causes of traffic accidents in Houston. You need an experienced lawyer who can order the proper investigations, gather all the evidence, and expertly guide your case through the Texas court system.

  • Is the other driver responsible?

Sometimes a negligent driver is solely responsible for the accident. This can be caused by driving while intoxicated, driving at dangerous speeds, failure to follow standard safety precautions, driving too fast for road conditions, driving while drowsy, improperly securing a payload, texting while driving, and several other dangerous conditions.

We have seen many occasions when a little bit of common sense safety precaution could have avoided the accident all together.

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Houston Truck Accident Attorney

With so much commercial and business transportation running through the Houston area, it is not uncommon for our clients to be victims of 18-wheeler accidents.

Unfortunately, these tend to cause serious injuries to the drivers involved (sometimes even death).

  • Is the Trucking Company Responsible for the Accident?

There are times when commercial carriers place unsafe demands on their drivers, thereby exposing their drivers, pedestrians, and other motorists to the risk of injury or death by failing to insist upon adequately safe standards of operation. Additionally, in certain situations, it is incumbent upon the trucking company to properly inspect and maintain the rigs in their fleet. This includes outfitting them with standard safety equipment.

  • Is the Truck Manufacturer Responsible for the Accident?

No matter how safe a driver or a trucking company operates, if the manufacturer has introduced a faulty product to the marketplace, then the risk of an accident increases exponentially. 18-Wheelers are composed of thousands of components that must be manufactured to the highest levels of quality assurance in order to perform adequately. Defective brakes, tires, hydraulic systems, lights and motors are just a few components on a big rig that can cause a catastrophic accident.

No Matter Who Is At Fault…You Need an Aggressive Attorney

The bottom line is that whoever has caused your injury (or their insurance company) will hire the best lawyers that they can afford, and do whatever it takes to keep from being held liable for the damage they caused you.

That’s why our law firm takes an aggressive approach to all auto accident cases. We perform extensive research and investigate each accident thoroughly so that we can develop every case as if it is going straight to trial.

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You can lose your right to recover damages in a traffic accident case if you wait too long (beyond the statute of limitations) to take legal action. Call us right now at (832) 463-1003 to speak to an attorney, or send us a quick email by clicking here.

If an auto accident has caused you serious injury, you should always consult with an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney to handle your vehicle accident claim.

We have the necessary experience, and we will fight to protect your rights in any personal injury case.

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