Common Car Accident Injuries

common car accident injuries in houston texas

No one is ever expecting to be involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, they happen every day. If you are involved in a car accident, it is important to know what kind of injuries you may suffer and how to get the help you need. A car accident can mean time away from work, mounting medical bills, and pain and suffering.

common car accident injuries in houston texasNo one should have to go through this alone.

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Whiplash is a common symptom following an automobile accident, and can cause serious and debilitating physical injuries. These can include pain and stiffness that affects the neck or back, headaches or even appendages such as arms and legs. It’s important to understand that the effects of whiplash can be both sudden and long-lasting, and it’s therefore important to pursue proper legal remedies when you suffer from it. If you have been involved in an automobile accident where whiplash was a result, don’t hesitate to reach out to an experienced Texas lawyer who has a track record of helping those suffering from serious injuries due to negligence on the road. Getting experienced legal assistance quickly will give you the best opportunity to seek justice against those responsible for your injury.

Head injuries

Head injuries come in a variety of forms and can range from headaches to serious traumatic brain injuries. These types of injuries must be taken seriously, as their effects are often long-term and life-altering. If you or someone you know has suffered from a head injury due to the negligence of another, then you may have legal options. It is essential not to underestimate the importance of seeking justice for head or brain trauma, as the consequences can be devastating if left unaddressed.

Broken bones

Broken bones can result from a wide variety of accidents and traumas. No matter how it happened, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible due to the risk of further injury and subsequent complications. If your broken bone was caused by someone else’s negligence or carelessness, you may have a civil claim to recover damages,. Depending on the circumstances, such damages may include the payment of your medical bills, wages lost due to missed time at work, physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, and more. If necessary, consult with an experienced Texas lawyer who can help you understand your rights and evaluate any potential claims you may have.

Soft tissue damage

Soft tissue damage can be as devastating, if not more so, than physical injury. Ask any athlete, dancer, or construction worker who has experienced a chronic ache and you will likely hear stories of hours of debilitating pain and inconvenience. Victims of soft tissue damage are often denied compensation for the impact an injury can have on their earning capacity or quality of life. However, a savvy lawyer will help them to reclaim their rights and demand justice for the havoc caused by soft tissue injuries including whiplash, tendonitis, bursitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Internal bleeding

Internal bleeding is a serious injury that can occur without outwardly visible signs. This condition can be caused by blunt force trauma, diseases such as cancer, or the result of taking certain medications. What makes internal bleeding particularly dangerous is the amount of time it may take for symptoms to appear and for medical attention to be sought. As an experienced Texas lawyer, I’ve seen too many cases where damage from internal bleeding has been done before the victim seeks help. It is important to take all necessary steps towards prevention, such as wearing protective gear and avoiding high-risk activities, as well as keeping a wary eye out for any possible signs that glance of internal bleeding: shortness of breath, dizziness, abdominal tenderness and pale skin.

Emotional trauma

Many people experience emotional trauma at some point in their life due to a variety of factors, including traumatic experiences or living through difficult times. It is not uncommon for individuals to feel overwhelmed and alone when faced with emotional distress; however, this does not have to be the case. Professional assistance from a qualified licensed therapist can provide persons who have suffered psychological damage with the support needed to move toward healing and recovery. With the assistance of licensed professionals, survivors of emotional trauma can learn ways to better manage and make sense of their experiences whilst having access to appropriate resources that may make the road to recovery smoother and more successful.

Car accidents are serious business. If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately, even if you don’t think you’re injured. Many injuries, such as whiplash, head injuries, and broken bones, may not be immediately apparent. Plus, emotional trauma can also be severe following a car accident. If you or someone you love has been involved in a car accident, contact our experienced team of Texas personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation. We’ll help you get the compensation you deserve.