Frequently Asked Auto Accident Lawyer Questions

We have added this page to our website to help you find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that we get in our Houston office.

Each month we will add more content and answers for you. Please click on the links that apply to your questions below.

  • Auto Accidents Caused by Defective Parts – This page includes information about…
    • Who is liable when a car crash is caused by a tire blowout?
    • Who is liable in a vehicle fire that causes severe burn injuries?
    • What happens when a seat belt malfunctions and injures a car or truck passenger?
    • Can I sue if I am injured as a result of a faulty or defective airbag in my vehicle?
  • Road Rage Laws in Texas – Many clients ask us about the legality of road rage and the resulting criminal implications. We wrote this article to address those issues.
  • Witnesses to Auto Accidents – Can a passenger be a witness? How important are witnesses to auto accident injury lawsuits? We discuss it all in this article.