List of Class Action Lawsuits


Current Class Action Lawsuits

List of Active Class Action Lawsuits

  1. Environmental Class Action Lawsuit
  2. Oil Spill Class Action Lawsuit
  3. Contaminated Water Supply Class Action Lawsuit
  4. Toxic Chemicals Class Action Lawsuit
  5. Paraquat Herbicide Class Action Lawsuit
  6. Consumer Fraud Lawsuit
  7. Misleading or False Advertising Lawsuit
  8. Defective Products Lawsuit
  9. Defective Medical Device Class Action Lawsuit
  10. Defective Airbags Class Action Lawsuit
  11. Faulty Ignition Switches Class Action Lawsuit
  12. Hazardous Asbestos Building Materials Class Action Lawsuit
  13. Violation of Consumer Protection Laws Lawsuit
  14. Antitrust Class Action Lawsuit
  15. Price Fixing Class Action Lawsuit
  16. Pharmaceutical Drugs Class Action Lawsuit
  17. Elmiron Class Action Lawsuit
  18. Risperdal Class Action Lawsuit
  19. Gilead Sciences TDF Class Action Lawsuit
  20. Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Class Action Lawsuit
  21. Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit
  22. Workers Rights Class Action Lawsuit
  23. Charmin Freshmates Flushable Wipes Consumer Fraud Class Action Lawsuit
  24. Monsato Roundup Grass Killer Consumer Fraud Class Action Lawsuit
  25. 1-800-Contacts Antitrust Class Action Lawsuit
  26. Southwest Airlines Class Action Lawsuit for Antitrust
  27. American Airlines Class Action Lawsuit For Antitrust
  28. AT&T Class Action Lawsuit for Consumer Fraud
  29. Uber Rideshare Class Action Lawsuit
  30. Lyft Rideshare Class Action Lawsuit
  31. Grubhub Food Delivery Class Action Lawsuit
  32. DoorDash Food Delivery Class Action Lawsuit

People injured by harmful products, actions, or services can use class action to get compensation.  A class action attorney can help you join a class action lawsuit against the person or entity that caused your injury.  Your lawyer can also help you get compensation for any damage to your reputation.

Active Action Lawsuits List

Individuals can come together to form groups in order to take legal action against people or entities for harmful or illegal conduct. People can do this if they are affected by similar damages caused by a particular individual or entity such as a business or organization.  These kinds of lawsuits are called class action lawsuits.

You can join a class action lawsuit when you receive a “Notice of Class Action Lawsuit” by mail. People who have had a negative experience can research if others experienced the same things. These experiences may include workplace discrimination, data breaches, defective products, and so on.

A class action attorney can help you find other people harmed by unlawful behavior or defective products. You help initiate a class action lawsuit to seek compensation for suffered damages.

Definition Of A Class Action Lawsuit

LIST OF CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS A class action lawsuit is a legal proceeding involving one or more claimants bringing a lawsuit on behalf of a group or “class” of people that have suffered injuries caused by an individual or entity. The injury may result from a product, service, or action of the individual or entity.

An injury can be physical or damage to your property, reputation, or rights violation. Class actions are the best option when there are too many potential claimants to file a single personal injury lawsuit. It is easier than having each claimant file the same case against a single at-fault party.

Parties Involved In Class Action Lawsuits

Every class action lawsuit has a named plaintiff and a defendant. The named plaintiff is the individual that files the lawsuit on behalf of the group. They are appointed by the court to represent the others that were harmed.

The named plaintiff speaks on behalf of the group.  This individual takes a more active role in the case compared to other plaintiffs involved in the case.  The named plaintiff is given the responsibility to:

  • Hire a class action attorney to represent the plaintiffs
  • Be the public face of the class
  • Consult with the attorney at every step of the process
  • Make important decisions about the settlement
  • Represent all the other plaintiffs fairly

The defendants are the people or the entities named in the lawsuit as responsible for the defective product, harmful service, or other illegal action.  The defendants can be one or multiple people, one or more large entities. These entities can be businesses, manufacturers, or other institutions.

Advantages Of Class Action Lawsuits

The following are the advantages of class action lawsuits:

  • There is equal compensation for everyone in the group
  • Lawyers do not charge an hourly rate
  • Only the lead plaintiff participates actively in the class action lawsuit
  • More affordable than lawsuits filed by individuals