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Every time you buy a product you expect it to be safe to use or consume. But sometimes the products that you trust may harm you. You have every right to be compensated after you or a family member gets seriously injured by a product.

The injury may shock you and leave you wondering what to do next. Contact an experienced Houston product liability attorney to help you understand product liability laws and what steps you need to take.

Product Liability Accidents

Product Liability Lawsuits In Texas

Every company that manufactures products has the responsibility of ensuring that those products are safe and injury free. That duty is what is referred to by the term product liability. Any company that fails to make safe products is responsible for injuries those products inflict.

Some common product liability cases include:

  • Defective design
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Absence of safety warnings
  • Lack of sufficient instructions

Some cases that are not very common include:

  • Defective hip implants
  • Defective airbags
  • Medication with serious side effects

Your lawyer can review your case and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Why Are Defective Products Pushed Out Into The Market?

Products Liability Cases In TX

The reason why defective products are pushed into the market is that manufacturers are more concerned about their bottom line than consumers. Even when manufacturers improve a product it’s often because of competition not because they care about consumers. Some examples of accidents cause by defective products include:

  • Defective breaks that lead to a car collision on highways
  • Toys that cause fire
  • Clothes dryers that overheat and start a fire
  • Windows that let in water that floods your house

What To Do After An Injury

Texas Products Liability

Houston Product Liability AttorneysSeek immediate medical attention after an injury and do not contact the company that made the product. Don’t even say anything to their representative and never post about the injury on social media. No one should know about the incident until you have contacted a Houston product liability attorney.

Once you contact a product liability attorney, they will review your case and start the process of filing a products liability claim.  Your lawyer will do everything to find out how the injury happened and estimate the amount of compensation you deserve as well as answer common questions that you might have.

Why Product Liability Cases Can Be Challenging

A Defense Against Recovery In A Products Liability Case Is

However, product liability cases are complicated because:

  • The product manufacturer may deny any wrongdoing
  • Companies may destroy or hide evidence that may help your case
  • They could blame you for the injury you suffered
  • The company’s insurer may deny your claim
  • The company may hire a team of aggressive lawyers to defend it

Things may become even more complicated if your product liability case is against more than one company.

Insurance Companies Don’t Want To Pay You

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Insurance companies are often not willing to pay claimants because their main concern is to make profits.  So, they use bullying and intimidation tactics to either scare you away or to make you accept less than what you deserve. But an experienced and skilled product liability lawyer knows the dirty tricks that insurance companies use and is not intimidated by them.

Your lawyer can negotiate aggressively with insurance companies and represent you in court if the case goes to trial.

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