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Head On Collision Attorney

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Head-on-collisions are often serious accidents because they involve vehicles crashing into each other head-on with combined force. Injuries resulting from these accidents are often severe and it’s not unusual for them to become fatal. These injuries can lead to a permanent disability that may make it hard for a person to earn a living or make a person stay away from work for a long time.

You have every right to seek compensation if the person that caused the accident was negligent.  Your head on collision attorney can help you fight any attempt by the insurance company to pay you less than you deserve.

Causes Of Head-On Collisions

In Texas The Most Common Causes Of Collisions

Head-on-collision accidents often happen when a car does not stay in its lane.  This can happen if the driver is drunk and because of impairment cannot see the lines that divide the lanes.  You may also drive into the wrong lane if you are distracted by your phone or are speeding.

Other causes are reckless driving or mechanical issues such as problems with breaks or steering wheels. Head-on-collision accidents can cause a dent or a serious accident that leads to severe injuries or death. This is determined by how fast the vehicles were moving when they collided.

Liability In Head-On-Collision Accidents

What’s A Head On Collision

Head On Collision AttorneyThe person that drove into the wrong lane or in the wrong direction is the one that is at fault in a collision accident. However, you still have to prove that the other vehicle was going the wrong way and not you.  Even looking at skid marks may not conclusively determine who was in the wrong.

This is the kind of confusion that insurance companies usually take advantage of. They do not want to compensate you because that would interfere with their bottom line. To avoid accepting less than you deserve, contact a head-on collision attorney to fight for your rights.

Insurance Companies And Head-On Collision Accidents

Head On Collision Injuries In Texas

Insurance companies know that head-on collision accidents are more likely to result in severe injuries that often lead to big claims. The last thing insurers want is to deal with big claims that can eat into their profits. So, they will deny, delay, and dispute your claim as much as possible to frustrate you and make you settle for a lower amount.

For example, an insurance adjuster may approach you right after the accident when you are still dazed from the incident or are still in hospital recovering. They present you with a settlement figure that may look significant but may actually be just a fraction of what you deserve. Always direct them to speak to your lawyer.

The compensation you receive must be enough to cover all expenses related to the head-on collision accident. These include expenses for medical bills, rehabilitation, prescription medication, lost wages, and more.

How A Head-On-Collision Attorney Can Help You

What Happens In A Head On Collision

To avoid any confusion on who is at fault, your attorney will carry out a full investigation with the help of accident reconstruction experts. Accident reconstruction experts comb through the scene of the accident for clues that may help them identify the at-fault driver.  Your lawyer can also interview witnesses and convince them to testify in your case.

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