Are You Required to Give Recorded Statements to Insurance Adjusters?

Texas does not require that you give a statement after an accident. However, be aware that insurance adjusters are trained to ask for your statement in order to minimize or completely deny your claim.

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Sometimes, the adjusters will seem to sympathize with you or even admit their insured was at fault. However, adjusters are really trying to find inconsistencies with your statement and the police’s crash report.

They may even try to get you to agree that the accident was unavoidable or caused by something or someone else and not their insured.

Although you are the victim of an auto crash, the insurance company sees you as a potential threat to their profitability.

Some adjusters are trained to make questions as vague, confusing, or misleading as possible in order to minimize their exposure. They also ask for recorded statements as soon as they can in order to prevent you from first speaking with an experienced attorney.

Answering questions about your injuries could also be very damaging. Often, you may not know the extent of your injuries until days after a car crash.

Imagine a car crash victim gives a recorded statement and says that she only has right arm pain but the following day her neck starts to hurt. The adjuster may only want to consider medical bills for treatment to your right arm when trying to settle the claim.

If you choose to give a recorded statement, you shouldn’t discuss your injuries until you know what they are, which is usually after you’ve seen a doctor.  Even answers that seem harmless like “ I think so” or “maybe” can drastically hurt your claim.

Seek a personal injury lawyer before you give a recorded statement. We are experienced at handling car crash cases and fighting for the recovery that you deserve.  If you or anyone you know is asked to give a recorded statement, please contact us at (832) 463-1003 for a free consultation!