Torts 101

Texas Good Samaritan Law

good samaritan laws

Torts 101, Article by Auto Accident Lawyers Houston (832) 463-1003 What does “Good Samaritan” mean in the law? In personal injury law, the term “duty” comes up a great deal. In general, people owe few legal duties to one another,…
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Defenses To Negligence

A defendant being sued for negligently causing a car crash or other negligent behavior has certain defenses he or she can assert. From the outset, a defendant can claim he or she is not responsible or at fault for the…
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Assault vs. Aggravated Assault

aggravated assault punishments

What is the difference between assault and aggravated assault / What’s the difference between assault and battery in tort? Is battery a felony? All explained in this fantastic criminal attorney contribution. Special thanks to the Houston Criminal Lawyers for contributing…
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Negligence Per Se Explained

negligence per se elements

In Texas car accident cases, the plaintiff must typically prove the defendant was negligent to win his or her case. However, there are a class of cases in which the “negligence per se” doctrine applies. In these cases, the plaintiff…
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