Hit By Uninsured Driver Lawyer

Hit By Uninsured Driver Lawyer

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Getting hit by a driver that is uninsured can be really frustrating because it complicates the process of getting compensation. All drivers are required to carry car insurance but there are some drivers that do not have insurance for various reasons. Some studies show that about 8.3 percent of drivers in Texas are uninsured.

An experienced car accident lawyer can show you how to get compensation from insurance companies if you find yourself in this situation.  You deserve compensation if you were hit by a negligent driver. A hit by uninsured driver lawyer will answer questions regarding your case.

How A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Uninsured Motorist Lawyers In TX

It’s true that if the at-fault driver does not have coverage it complicates your options for financial compensation. Even if you sue the driver, there is a chance that that driver may not have enough assets to compensate you fully for your losses.  One strategy that may work is targeting the manufacturer of defective car parts in the other driver’s car but that can only work in a few cases.

A lawyer can help you pursue every available option to ensure that you recover financial compensation.  Get a lawyer that understands the impact such accidents can have on families.

Getting Real Results

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Hit By Uninsured Driver LawyerInjuries resulting from car accidents can take a toll on your financial situation. You have to worry about medical expenses, lost wages, prescription drug costs, and more after an injury. There is no way you can pay for all this from your pocket and that is why you need to seek compensation.

In Texas, the at-fault driver’s insurance must provide a minimum amount per person for bodily injury and property damage. You can also get extra coverage from other sources.

You can purchase uninsured or underinsured motorist benefits to protect yourself in a situation where you get into an accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver.  That means that you will get paid by your own insurance company if the driver that caused your accident has no car insurance.  It will also pay for any property damage such as car repair.

What To Do After You Are Hit By An Uninsured Driver

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You need to contact the police as soon after the accident as possible even if the at-fault driver informs you they have no insurance. Do this even if the uninsured driver tries to convince you not to. Texas law requires drivers to have driver’s insurance or face penalties. Do not take any money from the driver.

Calling the police ensures that there is a report that you can use to file a claim with your insurance company. Police officers also collect information from the accident scene that you can use if you decide to sue the at-fault driver.

You should also document any property damage or injuries that you have sustained in the accident. It is important to see a doctor after an accident even if you only sustained minor injuries. This is because some serious internal injuries take time to manifest physically.

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