Oil Field Accident Injury Lawyers

Oil Field Accident Injury Lawyers

Oil Field Accident Injury Lawyers

The oil industry employs hundreds of thousands of Americans especially in Texas, where most of the oil production is concentrated. Despite the fact that oil fields are some of the most dangerous work spaces, many companies fail to employ basic safety standards. They also do not fully train workers for the conditions that occur in oil fields. As a result, oilfield workers are 7 times more likely to suffer fatal injuries that workers in other industries. What is even more shocking is that many oil companies refuse to take responsibility when workers get injured. You need to talk to an experienced oil field accident injury lawyer, to help fight for your rights if your company’s negligence caused your injuries. 

What To Do After An Injury In Oil Industry

The steps you should take following an on-the-job oil field injury include:

  • Get medical treatment right away
  • Preserve all the medical records to have a full accounting of medical expenses and treatment
  • Report your injuries and the accident to your supervisor 
  • Take photos of your injuries and the accident sites
  • Get the contact information of the witnesses

Taking all these steps can actually help your lawyer build a solid case for you when you are seeking compensation. A lawyer may also help you get the medical treatment you need when your employer’s insurance company is giving you a hard time about treatment.

Negligence By The Company

Oil Field Accident Injury LawyersYou should pursue damages against the negligent company that injured you. A company can be described as negligent if the heavy equipment it uses is outdated or when it subcontracts jobs to unskilled workers. Generally, companies that do not implement safety standards required by federal and Texas law are also negligent.

Sometimes a third party’s negligence is what causes an individual to suffer injuries in an oil field. For example, the manufacturer of a defective product used by an oil company is responsible for  injuries that occur because of the defective product. You can sue the manufacturer of the defective product that caused your injuries. 

Should You Hire An Oil Field  Accident Lawyer

Serious injuries means possible big payouts, but insurance companies do not like making big payouts. For that reason, your company’s insurance company will use a variety of tactics or tricks to either avoid paying you or to pay you less than you deserve. Insurance companies only care about making profits not helping you get the treatment or compensation you require.

The things  the oil company and its insurer can do to deny your claim include:

  • Deny that they are responsible for your accident
  • Discard  evidence that proves that the company was at fault
  • Force you to get treatment only from workers compensation doctors or company doctors
  • Deny you full compensation for your injuries and other losses
  • Terminate your employment  as soon as the statutes of limitation runs out

Your lawyer will anticipate most of these tactics and will advise you on all the legal options you have in every  scenario. Your lawyer will work to ensure that you get maximum compensation.

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