Personal Injury Protection Insurance in Texas

Very important. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) provides insurance coverage for both you and the people in your car after an auto crash, no matter who is at fault.

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The minimum amount of PIP coverage offered usually starts at $2,500.00, which can cover medical bills related to an auto crash.

One main reason why people don’t carry PIP coverage is because they think that traditional health insurance covers their medical bills after an auto crash.

The problem is that many health insurance plans deny claims based on the expectation that the at fault driver’s auto insurance policy will cover your injuries and medical bills.

Unsurprisingly, the other driver’s auto policy often disputes their liability, which can take several months or even years to resolve. If the at fault auto insurance carrier denies your claim, you may be personally responsible for payment of those outstanding medical bills.

Although Personal Injury Protection is an optional coverage, insurance companies must offer it to all drivers when auto insurance is initially purchased.

Nobody plans to get in an auto crash but in the event you are involved in one, PIP coverage can give you some peace of mind and prevent you from having to pay all of your medical bills out of pocket.

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