Top Causes Of Automobile Accidents

Top Causes Of Automobile Accidents

Top Causes Of Automobile Accidents

An estimated 40,000 people were killed and 4.5 million were injured in car crashes in 2018, according to data from the National Safety Council. Young people aged 15-29 years are the overwhelming majority of those who die in these accidents. It is unfortunate that these injuries and deaths still happen in an age where a number of vehicle safety technologies exist.  Knowing what causes such accidents can help reduce them and save lives.

Common Causes Of Auto Accidents

Unfortunately, just because you are a careful driver does not automatically protect you from other less careful drivers on the road. What you can do is protect yourself by taking legal action against a negligent drivers that cause accidents where you suffer serious injuries. Some of the common causes of automobile accidents include:

  • Distracted driving: This means driving while texting, taking calls, eating, reading or generally not paying attention to the road. Distractions hamper reaction time and ability of judgment.
  • Speeding: Studies show that most automobile accidents are caused by speeding. In most cases, even going slightly above the speed limit can increase the chances of an accident happening. Drivers should drive cautiously especially in adverse weather conditions.
  • Drunk driving: Driving while drunk can lead to deadly accidents. Alcohol impairs concentration, decreases reaction time, causes dizziness, and hampers vision. 
  • Rain: When you drive in rainy conditions you have to deal with a slippery road, unexpected flooding, and poor visibility. It is these conditions that often lead to accidents. 
  • Inexperienced drivers: One reason why young drivers get involved in accidents more than other demographics is their driving inexperience. Those who have driven for years often take additional caution when driving, which makes them more able to prevent accidents.

Top Causes Of Automobile AccidentsOther causes of automobile accidents include faulty traffic lights, animals, manufacturer malfunction, and poorly maintained vehicles.  

Type of Car Accidents

The way a car accident happens determines the type of injuries occupants of a vehicle will suffer.  The factors that determine these injuries include speed, angle of the crash, and size and weight of the vehicles. The most common types of car accidents include:

  • Rear-end crashes: Is one of the main causes of whiplash injuries. The reason for this is that rear end collisions lead to forceful back and forth movement of the neck.
  • Side Crashes: People seated closer on the side of the vehicle the impact happens can suffer soft tissue injuries, chest injuries, head and brain injuries, pelvic injuries and more
  • Head-On collisions: These accidents are extremely dangerous especially for people seated at the front of a vehicle. You can suffer injuries such as broken bombs, lost limbs, spinal cord injuries and more.
  • Truck and commercial vehicle crashes: Commercial vehicles and trucks are heavy and can cause serious injuries if they are involved in accidents with smaller vehicles. Burns, broken bones, crushing injuries and other serious injuries often happen in these types of accidents.

If you are involved in an accident caused by a negligent driver, you should file a personal injury lawsuit to help you get compensation.

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