Defective 18 Wheeler Design Leads to Injury

The businesses that make billions in the production and sale of auto parts and vehicle related products owe all of us a duty to place safe and effective products on America’s roads. Sadly, as a result of greed or neglect, tons of faulty products make it onto the roadways in Texas – often with terrible results.

Defective brakes and other similar safety systems such as, automobile frame and body that are built in a defective manner can lead to death and serious harm even when the tractor-trailer driver is following all the specified laws of the road and safety precautions.

Although they are not associated with this law firm, we have embeded a video from the Beasly Law Firm below. They do a great job of discussing some of the product defects that a commonly found on 18 wheelers.

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Today on the Beasley Allen Report, Beasley Allen attorney Kendall Dunson fills in for the show’s regular host, Gibson Vance. Dunson interviews today’s guest, fellow Beasley Allen attorney LaBarron Boone, on “heavy truck accidents,” or 18-wheeler accidents. They examine two aspects of legal liability involved in these accidents: injuries and deaths caused to others on the road by truck drivers, and injuries and deaths caused to truck drivers because of product liability. Boone offers simple steps to avoid accidents, focusing on defective products as well as the role of fatigue and distracted driving in heavy truck accidents. As an example, Boone describes a manufacturer’s decision to produce cabguards for trucks that were never tested on the real road. In Beasley Allen Law Firm’s investigation, lawyers were unable to find a case where these cabguards worked correctly and served their intended purpose. Boone discusses litigation’s role in pushing manufactures to find alternative design solutions, making simple changes to ensure product safety. Dunson and Boone warn viewers about the dangers of distracted driving and encourage concerned drivers to get involved in truck driver regulation revisions by contacting their state legislators.