Distracted Driving and 18 Wheeler Accidents

Truck drivers who are distracted by playing with their cell phone can present a serious security hazard on Houston’s roads and highways.

Serious injuries due to texting have skyrocketed with the ubiquitous nature of hand-held electronic devices like smartphones and mobile phones. EVERY DRIVER SEEMS TO BE LOOKING INTO THEIR CELL PHONE THESE DAYS!

Recent studies reveal that 16 percent of fatal crashes are a result of driver distraction.

Our law firm will investigate every accident case thoroughly to determine if driver distraction played a part in causing the accident. This firm represents victims of accidents caused by negligence as well as driver distraction. We vigorously fight for our clients to ensure they’re reasonably compensated for their present and future medical and monetary costs.

Driving while distracted has been a road safety issue since the early days of commercial transport, but when tractor trailer drivers take their eyes off the road, it can often result in death or life-changing injury. Studies reveal that preoccupied truckers are a lot more prone to cause serious injuries.

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Smart phones, eating and drinking on the road, watching videos, or messing with the radio station can cause an 18 wheeler driver to become distracted and cause a fatal accident.

You must insist on an experienced lawyer who has handled cases involving distracted drivers.