Denton Police Department Accident Reports

Denton TX Police Department Accident Report

Denton County Accident Report

Denton County Accident Reports

People who are involved in a car accident in Denton, Texas, need to obtain a Copy of their Denton car accident report. They need the document when filing a claim with the insurance company and also in situations where they choose to take legal action. However, this report can only be available if a police officer responded to your car accident and filed a car accident report.  This is why it is really important to call the police if you are involved in a serious car accident. A car accident lawyer can help you get your Denton accident report and email it to you. Contact an experienced attorney near you to inquire about denton police department accident reports.

Information In A Denton Police Department Accident Report

Denton TX Accident Reports

Some of the information contained in a Denton Police Department car accident report includes:

  • Date and time of the accident
  • Speed limit for the listed road
  • County, City, and longitude and latitude information
  • Vehicle year, color, make model and body style
  • Detailed information of the drivers, passengers, and pedestrians involved in the accident

Read the police car accident report for your accident to ensure that there are no inaccuracies or errors. Amending the report is possible but is extremely difficult. So try speaking to the reporting officer as soon as possible after the accident to ensure the officer knows all the facts. Your lawyer can guide you on how to speak with the officer.

Ordering Your Denton Crash Report Online

Denton Accident Report

Denton TX Police Department Accident ReportIf your accident happened in the City of Denton, you can obtain the report directly by visiting the website of the City of Denton’s Office of the City Secretary. Follow the following process:

  • Just click on the “Submit a Records Request” then “Submit Request to the Police” on their homepage
  • If you don’t have an account, you will see a prompt asking you to create an account
  • Once you have created an account, find the “Type of Record(s) Request” below it  select the “Accident /Crash Report” 
  • A form will appear that asks for the case number, the date, time and date of your accident and more. Provide as much information as possible to aid in finding your report 

You can choose to receive your report as fax copies, pick-up copies, regular mail, copies on CD, or electronic via records center. 

Who Can Get A Copy Of A Denton Crash Report

Fatality Accident In Denton, TX

An accident report can only be released to a person that is directly connected to an accident or a person that has a proper interest in the accident. This includes:

  • Any individual involved in the accident
  • A driver involved in the crash
  • An authorized representative of any person involved in the accident
  • The parent, legal guardian of a driver, or employer of a driver involved in the accident
  • An insurance company that issued an insurance policy covering any vehicle involved in the crash
  • Federal Communications  Commission (FCC) licensed TV and radio stations
  • Free general circulation newspapers
  • Federal state, or local government agencies
  • Any individual who has a right to bring a wrongful death claim related to the accident

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How can I obtain a police report in Denton TX?

If you want a copy of your accident report officially from the City of Denton, go to the Office of the City Secretary’s website and place an order. Click “Submit a Records Request,” then “Submit Request to the Police” once you’ve arrived at their website.