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Texas Car Accident Lawyer

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The losses or damages people incur in car accidents can vary in severity depending on the nature of the accident.  In most cases, you can file a personal injury claim for compensation, especially if another driver caused the accident.  Only an experienced Texas car accident lawyer can investigate your accident and find proof that indicates the other driver was the one at-fault.

Why You Need A Car Accident Lawyer In Texas

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Filing a personal injury claim can make it easier for you to pay for the injuries you suffered in the accident.  Your car accident lawyer can skillfully assess your case and help you determine whether filing a claim is the right decision.

Your lawyer can help you seek compensation for medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering, and other losses related to the car accident. But the statute of limitations for filing your claim is only two years after the date of your accident. That is why you should contact a car accident attorney as soon as possible after the accident.

This will give your lawyer time to investigate the accident and determine who is liable to pay for the damages you incurred.

Determining Who Is Liable In Texas Auto Accidents

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Texas Car Accident LawyerThe person liable for an accident is the person legally responsible for paying for the losses of the injured claimant.  In most cases, it is the insurance company of the at-fault party that pays the claimant.  But the liable party can also be the manufacturer of a certain vehicle part if it is found that that part was what caused the accident.

Sometimes the municipality could be held responsible for an accident if the hazardous roadway conditions cause the accident.  But determining liability is not easy that is why you need an experienced car accident lawyer to investigate the accident.

How Fault Is Determined In A Car Accident In Texas

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Since Texas is an at-fault state, the person or party that causes the car accident is liable for paying the damages that result from that accident. There are accidents where it’s difficult to determine who at fault is making insurance companies argue with each other over who should pay compensation. The first step to take after suffering car accident injuries is to contact a car accident attorney to help you prove the other party caused the accident.

Your lawyer will review the police report, crash scene photos, and eyewitness accounts to help prove that another party caused the accident.

What Are Your Options After A Car Crash In Texas?

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Accidents involving multiple drivers are complicated because you have to deal with more than one insurance company. You also find it difficult to identify the party that caused the accident. Your lawyer is better equipped at finding whether negligence was to blame for the accident and identify the party that was negligent.

Identifying the at-fault party makes it easier to determine who should be responsible for compensating the victims. An experienced Texas Car accident lawyer increases your chances of getting a higher-than-average settlement offer.

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