Can You Find A Personal Injury Settlement Amount In Public Records

Personal Injury Settlement Amount In Public Records

Can You Find A Personal Injury Settlement Amount In Public Records

Only personal injury claims that are settled in court are published publicly. When a settlement is published publicly, the settlement amount and all the information about the case are public record. Most personal injury claims are settled out of court because it is cheaper. The ones that are settled in court mostly end up in court because the parties involved could not agree on the settlement amount. You cannot retrieve the settlement amount and other details of a personal injury claim that is settled out of court because settlements made out of court are private. A car accident lawyer can answer your questions about the compensation amounts you are entitled to if you were injured in an accident cause by a negligent party.

Things You Need To Know Before Going To Court

The first thing that should come to mind before filing a lawsuit or settling out of court  is whether you are comfortable with your settlement amount being published publicly. Insurance companies and most claimants prefer going through an alternative dispute resolution to settle a claim instead of going to court. Two of the common alternative dispute resolution methods are arbitration and mediation. Going through dispute resolution is cheaper, more flexible, and less stressful compared o going to court. Some benefits of the benefits of settling out of court include:

  • It takes a shorter time to settle out of court
  • You will receive the compensation quicker
  • You can reduce attorney fees by accepting a settlement
  • Out-of-pocket costs and expenses are reduced when you accept a settlement
  • The defendant does not need admit its liability or negligence
  • You retain greater control over all aspects of your case
  • Details of your case can be kept private

Settling In Court Can Take Years

Personal Injury Settlement Amount In Public RecordsA court can take years to rule on your case, and even after making a ruling, either party in the case can appeal the decision. The appeals process can take additional years to complete.  The fact that it takes less than ten months to reach a settlement with an insurance company makes going to court less desirable. An experienced personal injury lawyer can review your case to see if you are likely to receive a favorable ruling in court. Your lawyer can also negotiate favorable settlements for you with the insurance provider of the negligent party that caused your injuries. 

Why Not To Settle Out Of Court

Deciding to settle has plus and minuses. Settling out of court means you cannot appeal a settlement because the agreement you reach is final. Another problem is that settling out of court may not be beneficial if you filed the personal injury case to make a point to other parties that were not directly involved in the case. For example, if you filed your personal injury case to challenge the constitutionality of a certain law, then settling out of court may not help you achieve those goals. However, it is generally accepted that settling out of court is better than going to trial.

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