Filing A Claim With American Access Casualty Company

filing american access causualty company claim

Filing A Claim With American Access Casualty Company

American Access Casualty Company (AACC) is an auto-insurance company that provides non-standard private passenger insurance in Texas, Illinois, Arizona, Indiana and Nevada. It provides non-standard auto insurance policies mainly to the Hispanic community. They also provide policies to international drivers and people that are not licensed. Their non-standard policies are targeted at high-risk drivers who are often not catered for by most other insurance companies. It is a newcomer in the industry, but that does not mean that it handles claims differently from other insurance companies.

How To File A Claim With AACC

You need to call the company if you want to file but just know that they do not provide a toll-free phone number for claims. Normally, an adjuster is assigned to your case after you file but there have been numerous complaints about claimants having to wait for a long time to get a callback. There have been cases where people never got a callback from the company. AACC has a two and a half stars rating on and only one star on shows customer reviews of the company and shows employee reviews. Most consumer complaints seem to focus on the delay tactics used by the company. Some of the delay tactics the company uses include:

  • Telling customers that the adjuster went on vacation
  • Notifying you that your documentation is missing some important details
  • Informing you that your paperwork is lost 

Problems crop up after an issue is resolved and the whole thing turns into a vicious circle of frustration. 

Avoid Frustration By Hiring A Lawyer

filing american access causualty company claimYou should consult a car accident attorney before you submit a claim with these companies to help eliminate some of the delay tactics used by AACC. That does not mean that you can’t contact a lawyer after filing. If AACC has offered a low settlement, send a demand letter to them through your attorney. This letter outlines your case and requests the company to take steps to resolve them. But the company may simply ignore your letter.

How A Car Insurance Lawyer Can Help

While AACC prefers to negotiate a settlement rather than go to court, the company has in numerous cases denied claims. If your claim is denied by AACC, you may have no choice but to go to trial. Your lawyer can help negotiate with AACC and if needed, represent you in court against the company. Generally a lawyer can help you in the following ways:

  • Help you gather evidence to help demonstrate why the other side is at fault and what your damages are
  • A lawyer can answer your questions about the law so that you can understand your rights and the claims you can make as a result of the car crash
  • Your lawyer can negotiate with AACC and advocate for the highest possible settlement for your specific case
  • Help you locate highly qualified medical professionals to help treat your injuries
  • Your lawyer can file a lawsuit against the at-fault party for the losses you suffered if the insurance company refuses to offer you a fair deal.

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