Filing A Claim With Empower Insurance

empower insurance claims

Filing A Claim With Empower Insurance

Empower Insurance (or Alinsco) began as an independent agency in 1972 but it started to provide insurance policies for people in Texas in 2003. Its headquarters is located in Fort Worth Texas and it has more than 2,000 agents in Texas that offer Empower coverage. The easiest way to report a claim to the company is by calling them. It is possible to file a car accident claim with them online, but it takes longer to receive a response online compared to when you call.

Consumer Complaints About Empower Insurance

The company has an A+ BBB rating but only a one and a half star rating from customers. Complaints from consumers about Empower often cite its tendency to offer low payouts. There are allegations that the company’s agents drag out the claims process by asking for numerous details and comparisons. They often do this when there is a disagreement on the settlement amount. They also record conversations with claimants to find any small reason to offer lower compensation amounts or even deny your claim. This is why you should never speak with an insurance company before you speak to a lawyer.

Empower Claims Issues

empower insurance claimsEmpower Insurance and Alinsco Insurance is basically the one company with different names. In fact, you may receive responses from Alinsco if you file a claim with Empower. Sometimes they try to make it seem like Alinsco and Empower have a complicated relationship, but that may just be an attempt to confuse claimants. There have been complaints that Empower’s “Department of Resolution” does not act promptly to resolve customer complaints. They either ignore those complaints or offer all sorts of excuses for their actions. 

To avoid such frustrations, avoid filing a claim until you talk to an experienced car accident attorney. Try to contact an attorney as soon as you get treatment for your injuries if you were injured in an accident. Your lawyer will help you gather evidence in the form of the police report, bills related to the accident, medical records and reports, photos and more. When the insurance company offers a settlement, your lawyer will review it before you agree. Do not cash a check from Empower because that may prevent you from taking further legal action.

Tips For Dealing With Insurance Adjusters

The following are tips for dealing with insurance adjusters:

  • Understand that the insurance adjuster is not on your side and is only interested in paying you the lowest amount possible. So do not offer information that you believe will lead to the adjuster reducing your settlement amount.
  • Never offer an opinion about how the accident occurred to an adjuster.  Always involve your car accident lawyer in any conversation with an insurance adjuster
  • Gather as much evidence as possible from the accident scene. This will make it harder for an adjuster to contradict the evidence you have.
  • First offers made by insurance adjusters are often the lowest amount they can offer for your particular case. So never agree to a first offer from an insurance company
  • Always contact a car accident lawyer to help you calculate what your claim is worth.

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