Geico Insurance Claims Secrets Exposed

Geico Insurance Claims Secrets Exposed

GEICO Insurance Claims Secrets Exposed

Geico’s green gecko has been talking to millions on TV trying to persuade them to switch to Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) in the last 10 years. Thanks to these catchy ads, GEICO has become the second largest auto insurance provider in the United States. For example, it has more than 15 million drivers as policy holders. However, GEICO has a reputation as a shrewd company that would rather pay its executives handsomely than give claimants the payouts they deserve. You should contact a lawyer that has experience handling claims with GEICO if you want to receive maximum settlement of your claim. 

Avoid Making Recorded Statements

You can avoid falling victim to GEICOs attempts to manipulate you by not making recorded statements with adjusters. GEICO insurance adjusters will approach you when you are vulnerable and try to convince you to answer their questions while being recorded. The danger in agreeing to this is you may make an offhand comment that can be used by those same adjusters, to reduce or even deny your claim.

For example, simply responding with “fine” to a question like “how do you feel?” can lead to a lower payout. These adjusters may also make you feel that accepting the amount they offer is easier than going through a long legal process with your lawyer. They are likely to highlight the huge medical bills that continue to grow and the lawyer fees you may have to pay. What they won’t tell you is that personal injury lawyers only charge a fee when a client gets compensated. 

Geico Insurance Claims Secrets ExposedYou should know that insurance adjusters’ first offer is often the lowest amount possible, and they will record the moment you agree to accept it. There is no law that requires you to agree to these recorded statements. You have the right to refuse giving such statements, and the safest way to deal with insurance adjusters is to tell them as little as possible.

What To Say To Adjusters

GEICO adjusters will call you without delay after an accident with a GEICO policy holder. When they call, just provide basic information such as contact details, and personal identifying information. However, do not discuss the following with them:

  • Your amount you owe or have spent on medical  treatment
  • The diagnosis you received from the doctor and recommended treatment
  • How long you had to stay away from work as you received treatment
  • What caused your accident and what you were doing before the accident happened
  • The way the injuries affect your life 

The adjusters will be waiting for you to say something that they can twist and use to either deny or lower your claim. Just decline politely when a GEICO adjuster tries to engage you in a conversation about your accident and injuries.

The Value Of Your Claim Could Be More Than You Expect

Calculating damages after a car accident is more complicated than most people think. It is not just about medical and car repair expenses. To get the full amount you deserve the following losses also have to be considered:

  • Future medical bills for treatments you may receive in the future 
  • Miscellaneous expenses such as having to pay for Uber because injuries prevent you from driving
  • Non-economic losses such as pain and suffering
  • Lost wages that come as a result of you not going to work because of injuries

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