Improper Screening of 18 Wheeler Commercial Drivers

Transport and trucking businesses have a duty to employ only competent and capable truck drivers. The well-being and security of our transportation system depends on these companies living up to that duty.

Negligent hiring and screening processes can lead to them putting dangerous drivers behind the wheel of a 40 ton vehicle…a virtual death machine.

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Trucking companies must obey national and state regulations during the screening and hiring process. Transportation companies must meticulously screen motorists for violations like drunk driving, drug-impaired driving or other convictions. In addition, they must carefully track motorists that have histories of security infractions that are serious, like falling asleep behind the wheel.

Our experienced legal team works extremely hard to perform a full investigation of the processes employed by the transport and trucking companies, so that you can hold them responsible when their hiring and screening practices permit motorists that are not qualified (not safe) to get behind the wheel of a 40-ton 18 wheeler.