Who Pays After An Auto Accident?

Generally, most injury lawyers will only take a case to trial if it looks like their client will be able to recover monetary damages for their losses.

Many times the Defendant’s lawyer, i.e., the Insurance Company’s lawyer, will try to convince the jury that the Defendant just can’t afford to pay for the damage they caused, but the reality is often that if my client wins the lawsuit, then it’s the insurance company (not the driver of the vehicle) who will be paying out.

All explained in the video below…

Who Pays for _____ After an Auto Accident?

Video Summary:

Hi, I’m Rasheed Taylor, I represent people injured in auto crashes.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this topic and I want to finally set the record straight.

In all of my trial cases, the driver that caused the crash has auto insurance. Unfortunately, I’m not able to say that to the jury.

Sometimes the jury may feel that the at fault driver can’t afford to pay for my client’s injuries (harms and losses). BUT, that is not true. The insurance company is the one that pays.

The Insurance company pays for the at fault driver’s defense attorneys. The insurance company pays for the at fault driver’s court fees, and the amount that the jury decides is enough to compensate my client for their harms and losses.

Don’t Be Fooled By The Insurance Company

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