San Antonio Police Department Accident Reports

San Antonio Police Department Accident Reports

San Antonio Police Department Accident Reports

People that are involved in an auto accident in San Antonio can access their car accident reports by mail, online, or by phone. There is a fee that you need to pay for you to access a Certified San Antonio car accident report. A Certified San Antonio car accident report documents the details of the crash that could prove to be a key piece of evidence for your claim. You can contact a lawyer to help track down your San Antonio accident report and email it to you.

How To Obtain A San Antonio Crash Report

To get the crash report in person, you will have to go to the San Antonio PD headquarters located at 315 S. Santa Rosa, San Antonio, TX 78207.They are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. You cannot purchase a copy over the phone if you want to get the copy in person.  But you can call ahead before you go to their offices.

If you choose to access the report online, you will have to visit the City of San Antonio government website ( and open an account. Then fill in all the prompts provided and then submit your request. The city of San Antonio is required to provide the information or tell you when the report will be available within 10 business days.

Another way to get a copy of the report is by mail. All you need to do is download the Police Crash Report form and mail it with a fee of $6 enclosed. The payment can be in the form of a check, cash, or money order. You should mail the form to:

San Antonio Police Department Records Office

315 S. Santa Rosa

San Antonio, TX 78207

To get a Certified San Antonio car accident Report, send an $8 check or money to:

Texas Department of Transportation

P.O.BOX 12879

Austin TX 7811

What Is Contained In The Report?

The first thing you should do after a car accident is seek medical attention even if you feel fine or only suffered a minor injury. The official documentation you get from the doctor can help you later with your personal injury claim. If you are able to stay at the scene of the accident or while you are waiting for medical attention, call the San Antonio Police Department. The police will arrive to write an accident report. The report will contain the following:

  • The possible causes of the crash
  • The location, date and time of the accident
  • Statements from passengers and other witnesses
  • The addresses, names, and phone numbers of the parties involved in the accident

Why You Need A Crash Report

Crash reports are key documents that can help verify your account of your car accident. Remember that insurance companies are often interested in paying you as little as possible for claims. They do this by trying to discredit your account of your car accident as much as possible. A crash report prevents them from doing this but does not entirely stop them from trying other tactics. An experienced car accident lawyer can negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, and even take your case to trial if insurance companies deny your claim or make unfavorable offers.

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