Strange Secrets of Progressive Auto Insurance Claims

Strange Secrets of Progressive Auto Insurance Claims

Strange Secrets of Progressive Auto Insurance Claims | Car Accidents

Thousands of people get involved in motor vehicle accidents on a daily basis. Motor vehicle accidents can leave you facing unaffordable medical bills, loss of wages, vehicle repair bills and more. You expect insurance companies to step in at such difficult times to help alleviate your stress, but that is not what they usually do. Progressive and other auto insurance companies will make it almost impossible for you to get paid on an injury claim. Their adjusters will try to frustrate you as much as possible hoping that you will get desperate and accept their low ball offers.

Progressive’s customers pay premiums faithfully every month yet Progressive’s adjusters will use hardball tactics when a person files a claim with them. They will not care that you desperately need extra funds to pay for accident related bills and your normal expenses. A lawyer that has experience dealing with Progressive can negotiate aggressively with the insurer to ensure that you get paid what you deserve. 

Tactics Used By Progressive To Deny Or Reduce Your Claim

Strange Secrets of Progressive Auto Insurance ClaimsWhen Progressive calls you, their first offer will definitely be significantly lower than what you should get. Do not let that rattle you just don’t sign on the dotted line to accept that insulting settlement offer. You should not sign because once you accept that low settlement amount you won’t have the opportunity to seek more in terms of pay outs-not even through the courts. That means that if the amount you signed for does not cover all your accident-related expenses fully, you will have to pay for the rest of the bills or expenses out of pocket. 

If they sense that you are too clever to accept their low offer, they may try to deny the severity of your injuries. They may claim that some of the treatments you received were unnecessary or that your injuries were not caused by the accident. The adjusters will dig into your past to find any pre-existing condition they can blame for your injury. Progressive can dig into your past by spying on your social media activity and may even hire investigators. 

 Another thing they may do is try to convince you to make a recorded statement. Just know that there is no requirement for you to make a recorded statement. Recorded statements are just the adjusters attempt to try and trick you into saying something they can use to deny or reduce your claim. Since these adjusters actually get rewarded for making it harder for you to get a payout, they will try to make you believe that they are on your side. Talk to an experienced attorney to help you navigate the claims process with Progressive.

Filing A Lawsuit Against Progressive

Progressive Insurance is highly likely to immediately change tact when you file a lawsuit against them. They may offer a more reasonable amount to settle the case to avoid the costs of litigation. However, do not be tempted by the new amounts Progressive offers, instead talk to an attorney to help you determine when to settle. 

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