Liberty Mutual Insurance Claims

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance Claims

Liberty Mutual was founded in Boston in 1912 and started offering full cover for motor vehicles in 1917. The fact that they have more than $100 billion in consolidated assets and more than $35 billion in annual revenue makes them one of the biggest companies in their industry. If you are not their customer, the only way you may interact with Liberty Mutual is if their policy-holder is the at-fault party in your accident. The company will do everything it can to ensure that you get the smallest compensation amount possible.  

How To Get The Maximum Settlement Amount

What you do after an accident can help strengthen you case against the at-fault party, which may mean getting the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. You need to gather all the documentation related to your accident such as the police report, medical bills, photos and other information. Make sure you have the medical documents for any passengers that were with you in the car. 

Another thing you should do is contact your insurance agent or company and inform them about the accident. Once you file a claim or even before you file a claim, an adjuster from the at-fault party’s insurance company may approach you. Do not sign any agreement or share your opinion about the accident with the adjuster if your lawyer is not present. Hiring a lawyer to help you negotiate with insurance companies is the only way you are going to avoid falling for Liberty Mutual’s delay tactics.

What To Do Before Filing A Claim With Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual InsuranceThe first thing to do is know what your claim is worth. You need to add up expenses, medical bills, and lost wages and all other costs related to your accident. Remember to consider future medical bills and future lost wages if you suffered serious injuries. Your lawyer can help you identify all the car accident losses you should consider when calculating what your claim is worth.

You should not get discouraged if Liberty Mutual rejects your initial settlement figure. Their adjusters are not interested in paying you what you deserve anyway. That is why should not accept their first offer either. Your personal injury lawyer can negotiate with them on your behalf.  Another thing you can do to get a fair settlement amount is highlight facts of your case that are in your favor. 

How To File A Claim With Liberty Mutual

Texas is an at-fault state, which means that you can file a claim against Liberty mutual if their policy-holder is at-fault for your accident. You can file a claim through the company’s website, over the phone with their agents, or through their mobile app. You have to register an account on their website before you file online. Regardless of how you file, you can track the claims process online at any time. If vehicle damage is the only loss you incurred in the accident, get a second opinion about car repair cost from a trusted repair shop. It is possible to negotiate a fair settlement with Liberty Mutual without assistance of a lawyer. But there have been reports that it is more difficult to reach a settlement with Liberty Mutual compared to other insurance company. 

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